Cable deck railing

A Guide to Buying Quality Stair Parts and Cable Deck Railing

You can always trust Stair Supplies for the best of stair parts when you are thinking of either remodeling your existing stairways or making a new one. Today’s stair parts business has mushroomed into a huge empire because of the complexities of making strikingly attractive stairways that every homeowner wants.

These complexities are in the stair parts that now include everything from tread materials to handrail and its fittings. Turned and box newels as well as both the wrought iron and wood balusters and cable deck railings are all included. Also included are the moulding and the skirt boards.

Some homeowners want the rustic series such as the rustic treads while others want these parts in hand scraped and distressed condition. These stair parts include hand scraped treads and risers besides narrow hand scraped treads and risers and hand scraped landing treads. Then there are American made value series items, exterior parts and extreme makeover articles such as custom inlay for treads, custom inlay for risers, the 6100 handrail, the 4110 extreme box newel and the 3109 extreme wood baluster.

Today Stair Supplies offer the entire cable deck railing system consisting of the male and female stainless steel cable fittings, the insert sleeves and the cable length depending upon your selection. Each kit includes every item that you need for a single cable, 8-9 cables being needed per section. The cable has a working load limit of 750 lbs and a cable breaking load limit of 2000 lbs. The stair specialist has all the help you’re ever going to need for laying out your stairs and will always come up with excellent design suggestions so that yours is the most attractive stairs in the neighborhood.