200 Imported Primed Baluster

200 Imported Primed Baluster

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200 primed balusters are the hefty brother to the 100 primed. Larger homes and wide open spaces work well for the 200 primed. It gives a sense of strength and stability to a large space. Choose this product if you have tall ceilings and a large stairway. The 200 primed looks great with box newels.

The 200 series baluster does not come with a dowel pin on the bottom.

Imported Balusters are Primed and Painted and ready to install.

American Made Primed Balusters are Primed, but must be sanded and painted before installation.


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Product Q&A

8 months 3 days ago

are these a true 1 3/4 and are they primed and painted

8 months 2 hours ago

Thank you for checking, Jamie. These are indeed 1 3/4″, and they are primed and painted.

1 month 12 days ago

does the imported prime come in different lenghts

1 month 11 days ago

Hi Mike,

All of our Imported Primed Balusters are 42″ tall. Our 200 Primed Wood Baluster in the American Made Modern Series is available in 36″, 39″, and 42″ lengths. Thanks for checking in, and please feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions.


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