Angle Foot Universal Top 2" Square Post

Angle Foot Universal Top 2″ Square Post

Ships in approx. 12 Days

Details of each “Post Configuration” can be found in the description below.

Product Description

Angle Foot Universal Top 2″ Square Post are mounted to an angled knee wall.

The post will be custom made based on the height of your knee wall, and the angle of your staircase. Please fill out this Angle Foot Post Specification Form, in order to ensure we manufacture your post correctly.

Posts are available in multiple material types (304 Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel & Aluminum), and in multiple finishes (Brushed, Powder Coated Black, White, Pewter & Copper Vein). Guide to getting started with Viewrail.

Post Configuration Details:

"B" Angle Foot Cable Railing Post

“B” – The “B” (Up or Down) post is designed to be a start or end post on angled stair runs. It has 1/2″ offset* holes drilled on both sides of the post. Recommended fittings: “Angle Tension Kits” (36″ – 10 kits, 39″ – 11 kits, 42″ – 12 kits). The “Up” or “Down” options refer to the direction the cable will be travelling when it exits the post.

"B-5" Angle Foot Cable Railing Post

“B-5” – The “B-5″ post is designed to be an intermediate post on angled stair runs. It has 5/16” offset* holes drilled on both sides of the post. Recommended fittings: “Adhesive Sleeves” (quantity varies based on final height of post, typically 18).

"J" Angle Foot Cable Railing Post

“J” – The “J” (up or down) post is designed to be a start post on angle stair runs. One side of the post has KeyMount holes drilled into it, the other three sides of the post are completely clean (pick this post for an extra clean look). Recommended fittings: “KeyMount Kits” (quantity varies based on final height of post, typically 9).

"S" Angle Foot Cable Railing Post

“S” – The “S” post is shipped without any holes pre-drilled in the post itself (handrail bracket and foot still come pre-drilled). Select this post if you have an application where cables are necessary but you still want to run handrail, or in a custom application and you want to drill the holes yourself.

*All offset holes will be drilled to match the angle of your kneewall. So please make sure to fill out the angle foot post form and submit it after placing your order.

The standard brackets that come with our posts are designed to work with flat bottom handrail, if you order our Round Metal Handrail 2″, we’ll automatically select rounded brackets to work with the handrail. If you have round wood handrail, or are ordering an additional post for your project please specify in the notes if you need a rounded bracket.

Stainless Steel posts complete the look with stainless steel cable. The posts are 2″ Square and they provide the foundation for a cable railing system. These you see are 304 Stainless steel which is the typical stainless used in the food industry. If you live in coastal regions you want to select the 316 stainless. Posts are available with 1/2″ holes for standard fittings and with 5/16″ holes for use as intermediate posts where the cable passes through, but does not terminate.

Product Specifications

Surface Mount Post Attachment Guide


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Installation Guide

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    Product Q&A

    1 year 5 months ago

    How long can you have cable before adding a new post? In other words, what is the recommended min/max expanse between posts? Thanks!

    1 year 5 months ago

    In order to meet code we recommend adding a post at least every 4 feet. This will ensure that your cables can not be expanded beyond the common 4″ sphere rule.

    1 year 15 days ago

    What are the complete size specs of this post? More specifically what are the dimensions of the bottom mounting square? Thank you.

    1 year 14 days ago

    Hi Craig,
    The post is 2″ x 2″ square, the height and number of holes vary depending on your specific height & angle of your kneewall. The foot (mounting plate), is 3 1/2″ wide x 4 1/2″ deep.
    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    11 months 11 days ago

    Hi, I would like to know what is the difference between “J” up and down? I know I need a B post for my angled stair runs that only measures 5′ 1″ and on the bottom on the run I need a J post but I have doubts if it needs to be J up or down (both posts need to be angled) thank you

    11 months 11 days ago

    Hi Sandy,
    “J” up is designed to go at the bottom of your stairs, “J” down is designed to go at the top of the stairs. You can’t go from “J” post to “J” post you can start with a “J” post, but you have to end on a “B” post.
    Please let us know if you have other questions.

    8 months 27 days ago

    Why can’t I order an “I” post? I have a small “L” shape at top of stairs, I want to start there with an “F” then go to an “I” that will begin my descent down the stairs. After 4-5 “B” can I end it with a “J-up”? All of which is a moot point if I cannot order an “I” post.

    8 months 26 days ago

    Thank you for asking, Sandy. It is likely that you would need to select a “D” post instead, because an “I” post is not available in 36″. The only limitation to the “D” post is that you cannot use a metal handrail due to the lack of space for a postside handrail bracket.

    If you prefer the metal handrail, then we suggest that you switch to a 39″ post system. This would then allow you to select an “I” post and metal handrail option.

    If you need any further assistance, you can also contact us directly at We would be more than happy to assist you in designing or reviewing your Viewrail project.

    7 months 25 days ago

    When I place an order, how do I submit the form with the dimension (height and angle) of the posts that I need?

    7 months 23 days ago

    Thank you, Shui. You can send this form to

    7 months 19 days ago

    what is the wall thickness of these posts?? thanks.

    7 months 13 days ago

    Hi John,
    Each material has a different thickness:
    304 Stainless Steel: 13 Gauge
    316 Stainless Steel: 11 Gauge
    Aluminum: 11 Gauge
    Please let us know if you have any other questions!


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