Rivnut Installation Tool

Rivnut Threaded Insert Tool

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Product Description

Use this Rivnut Threaded Insert Tool to install Postside Handrail Brackets into posts.

Installation instructions coming soon!

Product Q&A

Mark Edwards
11 months 20 days ago

Does it come with 5/16 threads

11 months 18 days ago

Thank you for your question, Mark. It comes with a few different threads, one of which is indeed 5/16″.

9 months 22 days ago

Is it possible for the posts to have the rivnut installed at the factory rather than requiring the drilling of the hole for insertion of the nut? It seems to be a known position rather than something variable on each installation.

9 months 22 days ago

Unfortunately we don’t pre-install the Riv Nut in house. While they are typically installed at the same location, there are many applications that require it to be installed up to a 1/4″ higher or lower depending on your specific application.