Intermediate Cable Railing Posts

Intermediate cable railing posts ONLY assist in reducing cable deflection, they provide no structural support. In order for your deck to be structurally sound, you need to have at least one structural wood post every 8 feet. If your deck has wood posts spaced between 4 feet and 8 feet these intermediate posts are exactly the product you need to maximize your view while minimizing your cost!

If your wood posts are spaced at a distance greater than 8 feet, you need to either add additional wood posts, or use our standard 2″ square posts every 4 feet. Our standard 2″ square posts can NOT be used in conjunction with any of these intermediate posts. These posts can only be used on wood post systems.

Read our DIY Cable Railing for a Wood Post Deck page for details on how to pick the items you need, including intermediate posts. Also, your can learn more about cable railing systems as well.