16.3.36 Round Angled Cast Iron Shoe

Ships in approx: 2 Business Days

Product Description

This cast iron shoe has a 5/8″ rd. opening, with set screw. It arrives in a standard angle of 40 degrees. However, it has some angle tolerance and can be adjusted with a belt sander to accommodate the angle of your stairs.

Shoes are designed to hide the installation point of Iron Balusters.This product is designed to cover the installation of the round bar, going into a round hole.

Shoes provide no structural support; they are for aesthetic purposes only.

Our Shoes come with a set screw to fasten them to either the top or bottom of the Iron Baluster.

Product Q&A

8 months 26 days ago

The opening is 5/8″ and the top of the 16.1.25 Scroll Iron Baluster is 3/4″. Do you have a round angled cast iron shoe that will fit the iron baluster?

8 months 24 days ago

Hi There,

Unfortunately, we do not have a round option that will fit a 3/4″ baluster, however we do have square options that will fit.

StairSupplies Customer Support