16.3.2 Aluminum Shoe

16.3.2 Angled Aluminum Shoe

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Product Description


This shoe has a 1/2″ sq. opening, with set screw. It arrives in a standard angle of 40 degrees. However, it has some angle tolerance and can be adjusted with a belt sander to accommodate the angle of your stairs.

Shoes are designed to hide the installation point of Iron Balusters. Most balusters are square and are put inside a round hole, while Epoxy actually holds the baluster in place. This product is designed to cover the installation of the square bar, going into a round hole.

Shoes provide no structural support; they are for aesthetic purposes only.

Our Shoes come with a set screw so you can fasten them to either the top or bottom of the Iron Baluster.

Installation Guide

How to install iron balusters

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    Product Q&A

    2 years 1 month ago

    What is the measurement of the actual angled shoe?

    2 years 1 month ago

    The shoes are 1 3/8″ square, on the tall side they are 2″ tall, on the short side they are 15/16″ tall. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    Judy Greig
    2 years 27 days ago

    What angle is the shoe? Can it only be used for a 35 degree stairway? Thank you

    2 years 21 days ago

    The standard angle is 40 degrees, however they can be adjusted with a belt sander if you want it to match perfectly.

    1 year 5 months ago

    Hi we installed the angled shoes but there is a gap between them and the railing. Is there something that can be used to fill that gap?

    1 year 5 months ago

    Thank you for your question, Marisa. Having a gap could result from a number of issues, including having a flight of stairs with a higher-than-standard angle. To best assist you, we would ask that you send us a photo of your specific issue to custserv@stairsupplies.com.


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