2015 Imported Primed Baluster

2015 Imported Primed Baluster

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Product Description

Simply the best designed wood baluster. The 2015 is as beautiful as a plain, with flutes or with a twist. It has a simple bottom urn with and tapers upward move the eyes gracefully up a stairway. The 2015 is excellent for Victorian stairs or traditional stairs.

The 2015 series baluster does come with a dowel pin on the bottom.

Imported Balusters are Primed and Painted and ready to install.

American Made Primed Balusters are Primed, but must be sanded and painted before installation.

Product Specifications


Interior Use Only

This product may contain glue joints and is designed for interior use only.

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    Product Q&A

    M. Barnes
    1 year 10 months ago

    What is height of baluster?

    1 year 10 months ago


    The height of this baluster is 42″. You can see how long the individual parts of the baluster are by clicking on the diagram to the left of the main picture. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

    1 year 6 months ago

    I am would like to know the width of the baluster at the bottom (the 13 1/2″ section). Is that 1.75″ by chance?

    Caleb Morris
    1 year 6 months ago


    Yes, the bottom of the baluster has a width of 1.75″.

    1 year 17 days ago

    What is the size of the dowel pin in the bottom?

    1 year 15 days ago

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for your question! The dowel pin is 3/4″ If you have any additional questions about the 2015 Imported Primed Baluster, please give our team a call at 1 (866) 226-6536.

    The StairSupplies Support Team