5200 Imported Primed Baluster

5200 Imported Primed Baluster

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Product Description

The 5200 stair part is a wood baluster with clean lines and decorative double urn designs. The 5200 pin top is an excellent choice for a stairway with a strong appearance.

The 5200 series baluster does come with a dowel pin on the bottom.

Imported Balusters are Primed and Painted and ready to install.

American Made Primed Balusters are Primed, but must be sanded and painted before installation.

Product Q&A

Andy Stetz 435-840-1614
1 year 8 months ago

I am needing 11 replacements. This looks like the original but without dimensions I can’t be sure. the one I have is 1 1/4″ square x 10″ on the bottom. The profile matches and the overall length is 34″.

1 year 8 months ago

Hi Andy,
I think your best option would be to order a sample and ensure that it completely matches what you currently have.