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1″ Round Steel Cap Couplers


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Product Description

Complete your Viewrail glass railing system with sleek 1” Round Metal Cap Fittings. These fittings pair with the 1” Round Metal Cap for Glass, allowing you to transition corners, join pieces for long runs, and end with a smooth finish.

For Glass Railing systems with angles from 45 to 180 degrees, an Adjustable Coupler transitions Round Metal Caps smoothly from edge to edge. The Adjustable Coupler is a hinged mechanism that can work for a level or angled application. Each side is inset into the Round Cap Rail and connects to make whichever angle is needed. 

The Straight Coupler simply fits into two different Round Cap Rail pieces and connects them.

Made from corrosion-proof 2205 stainless steel, the 1” Round Metal Cap Fittings are compatible with ⅜” glass or ½” glass, and should be paired with a Rubber U Channel. Get all the finishing touches you need to create a flawless glass railing system. Silicone or epoxy can be used when inserting the couplers into the top cap pieces to help lock them into place.

Key Features

  • Made of 2205 Stainless Steel
  • Pair with 1” Round Metal Cap for Glass
  • Compatible with ⅜” or ½” glass with Rubber U Channel


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