DriveTite Installation Kit

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Sale Price: $143.10

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Product Description

All the necessary tools for you to install our DriveTite Cable Rail Kit. Purchase the DriveTite Installation Kit and use it for up to 90 days. Return Cable Crimper and Cable Cutter within 90 days and you will be credited $100.

1 – Cable Crimper
1 – Cable Cutter
1 – 6″ T-30 Bit
1 – Insert Sleeve Driver
1 – Bundle of String
1 – Screw Wax (2 oz)
1 – DriveTite Wrench

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    Product Q&A

    Walt Dennig
    3 years 6 months ago

    The channel locks don’t look like they’ve been modified in this pic. Also, I see that there are two types of crimps – one is the cone-shaped ferrule, and the other is straight tube with two hex crimp points. What are the benefits of each?

    3 years 6 months ago

    The channel locks have a slight modification which includes a smooth jaw and a small slit cut into the bottom of the jaw. The slit is visible on the bottom jaw at the back end of the jaw. The smooth modification is there, but it is difficult to see in our photo.

    Regarding the benefits of the crimping systems, the standard DriveTite option is designed for specialty projects that may not require the use of the full crimping Installation Kit. However, if your project would already require the use of the full installation kit, we certainly would recommend using the cable stop system with hex crimp points, which uses our calibrated crimping tool. If you are unsure, we would welcome the chance to discuss your project details with you and make our best recommendation on those details. Feel free to contact us by phone at (866) 226-6536.