Fixed End Kit

Level Fixed End

Ships in approx: 2 Business Days

Product Description

When you want to turn a corner with a single post, the Level Fixed End Kit for Rod Railing is the ideal solution. With a similar function to our classic KeyMount fitting, this product is limited to level applications. It’s the perfect way to terminate a level rod run without a tension kit.

Key Features

  • Made in Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel
  • Available in a 1, 10, 11, and 12 pack

Product Q&A

Charles Hatchell
23 days 1 hour ago

Hello and good morning, I have a quick question that I hope someone could answer for me, I just received my shipment and was just going over the installation process before I get started and was looking over the A post & C-left post, ( that’s what I’ll be doing first to make a left turn ) and was wondering after the post are mounted and I start the rod installation, do I install the Rod Level Tension End first or would I install the Rod Level fixed end first ? And also with the level fixed end hardware, does the small round piece just acts as a spacer or washer to go between the end piece & the post ? Thank you very much for your time.

22 hours 21 minutes ago

Thanks for the question Charles.

You would install the fixed in first and then the tension end. There is a washer on the fixed end that prevents the crimp from showing when installed on the post.


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