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Side Mount Universal Top 2″ Square Glass Railing Post


Rise & Run Details

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Glass clips sold separately.

Product Description

As centers of activity in the home, decks and stairways should have plenty of space. Narrow or confined areas with normal railing may feel crowded and claustrophobic. Side Mount Posts make room for more. More entertaining space. More family space. More life space. Plated, bump-out, and slim mounting options allow these posts to adapt to almost any environment. So if you need more room in your life, there’s a Side Mount Post ready to do the job.

Key Features Side Mount Universal Top 2” Square Post:

  • Pre-drilled for Stainless Steel Glass Clips
  • Available in  304 Stainless Steel or Aluminum
  • Side Mount Posts idea for saving space on stairways
  • More than 12 powder coat options available
  • Glass clips sold separately

*Posts sold individually, all associated hardware are sold separately

Product Specifications

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Side Mount post welds vary between 304 Stainless and aluminum as the aluminum weld needs more surface area in the weld to achieve the desired strength properties.The stainless welds are put in behind the post in slots that are fabricated in the foot plate, the aluminum weld is put on the front of the plate.

Installation Guide

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