Surface Mount Angle Foot Universal Top 2" Square Glass Railing Post

Surface Mount Angle Foot Universal Top 2″ Square Glass Railing Post

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Product Description

Adaptable to almost any environment, Surface Mount Posts have earned their acclaim. Captivating & customizable, these posts are built from superior stainless steel by craftsmen who care. Surface Mount Glass Railing Posts are perfect for decks, treads, and other surfaces. Well-suited for almost any scenario, these posts have earned their popularity–and they’re ready to prove it.

Key Features: Universal Top 2” Square Posts

  • Pre-drilled for Stainless Steel Glass Clips
  • Perfect for level or angle runs
  • Available in 304 and 316 Stainless Steel
  • More than 12 powder coat options available

Glass B-5 Post
The “B-5″ post is an intermediate post on angled stair runs. The post has a high and low set of holes so that the glass can travel on an angle.

Glass J Post
The “J” post has three clean sides without any drilled holes. “J” posts are starting and ending posts on angled stair runs. When you order a “J” post, you’ll be asked to specify whether it is a “J-Up” or “J-Down.” The “up” and “down” refer to the direction that the glass will travel from the “J” post. A “J-Up” post will be placed at the bottom of the stairs with the glass travelling up to the next post, while a “J-Down” post will be placed at the top of the stairs with the glass travelling down to the following post. The post pictured above is a “J-Up” post.

Product Q&A