Glass Post Surface Mount Flat Top

Surface Mount Flat Top 2″ Square Glass Railing Post

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Product Description

Adaptable to almost any environment, Surface Mount Posts have earned their acclaim. Captivating & customizable, these posts are built from superior stainless steel by craftsmen who care. Surface Mount Glass Railing Posts are perfect for decks, treads, and other surfaces. Well-suited for almost any scenario, these posts have earned their popularity–and they’re ready to prove it.

Key Features: Universal Top 2” Square Posts

  • Pre-drilled for Stainless Steel Glass Clips
  • Perfect for level or angle runs
  • Available in 304 and 316 Stainless Steel
  • More than 12 powder coat options available

Glass A-5 Post
The “A-5″ post is an intermediate post on level runs. It has two sets of equal height holes on opposing sides of the post.

Glass D Post
The “D” post turns a corner from an angled staircase to a level balcony turning left or right. The holes on the stair side of the post will be offset lower than the holes on the level side of the post. When you order a “D” post, we’ll ask you to specify whether you need a “D-left” or “D-right.” The “left” or “right” indicates what side of the post the holes for the level run will go on. The image above shows a “D-right” post, so the level run is travelling to the right.
Glass F Post
The “F” post has two holes on only one side of the post. It is used as a starting or ending post on level runs. This post is often used alongside Gates for Glass Railing Systems.
Glass G Post
The “G” post is a level corner post where one run of glass ends, and another begins (going left or right depending on your selection). It has level holes drilled on two adjacent faces of the post. The other two sides have clean faces.
Glass H Post
The “H” post transitions from 36″ tall stair section to a 39″ or 42″ level balcony section. The post has offset holes, meaning that the angle side of the post has lower holes while the level side has higher holes.
Glass I Post
The “I” post is a corner post that uses offset holes to transition an angled run to an elevated level run. We often recommend using a Postside Handrail Bracket to make the handrail transition much simpler. As with the “D” post, when you order an “I” post, we’ll ask you to specify whether it is an “I-Left” or “I-Right.” The “left” and “right” refer to the direction that the level run will travel. The post pictured above is an “I-Right” post.

Glass R Post
Mount an “R” post against a wall on a level run so that no gap exists between the post and the wall. The back side of the “R” post has ⅛” holes that allow you to use 2” trim screws to fasten the post to the wall. The opposite side of the post has ⅜” holes so that the glass can travel on a level run.

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