Trim Screws

Trim Screws

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Product Description

These screws have the smallest head and are the easiest to insert. They are the best in the world for attaching stair parts.  This patented system gives you a squeak free, extremely strong and remarkably easy fastener.  These are a must for attaching stair treads and risers to the undercarriage of your home.  These screws are also strong enough for attaching handrails to newel posts, rosettes, fittings and many other applications.  These require almost zero force once the screw is started because of the “W” cut and the drilling point.  Choose 6 or more per tread.  Pre-drilling is only necessary in prefinished product or exotic species treads.

2″ and 2 1/2″ Trim Screws come in packs of 100 whereas 4″ and 5″ Trim Screws come in packs of 50. Packages of 50 and 100 come with a free driver.

Product Q&A

Eric Keiffer
1 month 16 days ago

What is the recommended hole to pre-drill for exotic species?

1 month 15 days ago

Eric, thanks for the question.

The screws are about 1/8″ so you might try a 3/32″ or even a 1/16″ pre-drill.

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