2 Piece Winder Stair Treads

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Product Description

Wrap your way around a charm-filled stairway featuring 2 Piece Winder Stair Treads at your 90° turn. Our craftsmen form each winder tread to meet your specifications, combining high-quality wood, expert details, and flooring-grade stains or finishes to construct a piece of stairway art. Coordinate winder treads with StairSupplies™ stair treads for a classic and captivating configuration.

Key Features

  • 2 Pieces
  • Changes Direction
  • Stain-grade
  • Customizable


To determine if Left or Right  Winder Treads are required, stand at the bottom of the stairway and look up. If the stairway bends to the left, then you need Left Hand Winder Stair Treads. If the stairway bends to the right, then you need Right Hand Winder Stair Treads.

Product Specifications

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2 Piece 3 Piece
42” 42”
48” 48”
60” 60”

We provide each Winder Stair Tread with extra material on the wall-mounted sides. Trim it down on-site for a snug fit against your uniquely angled wall.


We are happy to accommodate your custom design. Give our friendly customer service team a call today.

Clear Finish & Stain Information

StairSupplies™ offers several premium stain and finish options for our products, depending on the product’s use. For Winder Stair Treads, we offer both clear finishes and stains. Select a clear finish if you want to draw out the natural beauty and colors of the wood. If you prefer deeper, richer tones, our custom-mixed stains are the ideal choice for your Winding Treads.

All tread materials and products that are used underfoot are finished with a Conversion Varnish. Strong and resilient, this varnish is standard in the hardwood flooring industry. Our team of experts applies this specialty product onto each stair tread using a spray applicator for even, flawless coverage to protect your treads against heavy wear and tear.

Wood Grain & Color Variation

At StairSupplies™ we believe that natural wood colors and visual textures add character to our products. With that in mind, we strive to match the grain and color of all of our wood products as closely as possible. However, due to the natural variation of wood products, there may be instances in which a perfect grain and color match is not possible. By ordering from StairSupplies™, you acknowledge that you are receiving a uniquely crafted product and there may be some variation in the grain and color of your wood products.

Completed Projects

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    Product Q&A

    5 years 6 months ago

    Are the 3 Piece Winder Treads available in replacement tread (1/2″ tread body with a 1″ bullnose)? Thank-you.

    5 years 6 months ago

    Hi Phillip,
    Yes, we can definitely make our winder treads in replacement style. You can either place you order over the phone, or place the order online and add a note a checkout.
    Let us know if you have any other questions.

    5 years 6 months ago

    Is the direction of the turn determined by looking up or down the staircase?

    5 years 6 months ago

    Hi Donna,
    The direction of the turn is determined by standing at the bottom of the stairs and looking up. If you have any other questions please let us know.

    5 years 2 months ago

    I have a four tread right hand curved winder. 22.5 degree “wedges” with a 52″ outer radius and a 10″ inner radius. Can you folks make these?

    5 years 2 months ago

    We can absolutely make you custom treads to those specifications. What we’d ask is for precise drawings, or for you to mail us a template. We will then engineer the treads, and send you drawings to confirm before manufacturing.
    Please let us know if you have any more questions. And feel free to email the drawing to