DriveTite Surface on a Level Run

Introducing DriveTite Surface

Installing cable railing into wood or vinyl posts doesn’t get easier than with DriveTite Surface, the latest innovation from Viewrail.

Installation So Simple

With DriveTite Surface, the Barrel Fitting mounts to the outside of the post. Then, the stainless steel Surface Cover slides over the fittings. What’s left is a beautiful railing system that elevates the look of your home or deck without making you break a sweat! Take a look at our comprehensive installation guide to see the simplicity of DriveTite Surface.

Applications for DriveTite Surface

One of the most unique things about DriveTite Surface is its ability to be used in scenarios that many other cable railing systems can’t handle. Below are a few instances that come up in installations that are perfect for DriveTite Surface.

Tricky Terminations

Customers frequently come to us with projects including unique runs that need to terminate into a wall or ceiling. DriveTite Surface is perfect for these applications. Because it needs such little backing material to hold to, DriveTite Surface allows you to mount cable railing into places that can be difficult for other systems. It’s even more versatile than our regular DriveTite system, which is pictured below and has an even simpler installation.

Vinyl & Composite Posts

While DriveTite was created for structural wood posts, DriveTite Surface is perfect for wood, vinyl, or composite post projects. That means that no matter what your posts are made of, Viewrail has a product that can accommodate your job.

Posts with Hollow Centers

As long as your post, wall, or ceiling has 2.5” of material to connect to, DriveTite Surface can get the job done. So even wood posts with hollow centers are no problem for DriveTite Surface.

Get the DriveTite Surface Details

Component details and installation instructions for DriveTite Surface are all available online. Check out all the Surface details, and if you have any more questions about what it can do for you, let us know! We’re happy to assist you in any way we can.