The kit that you need for your cable railing system will be dependent upon the material of your posts.

Kits for Wood Posts

Cable Railing With Wood PostsWood kits allow you to create a cable railing system from existing wooden posts. Wood posts generally need to be placed every 4 feet, with cable spaced 3 ⅛” apart to satisfy code requirements.

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DriveTite Level Kits

DriveTite Cable Rail Kit

Attaches directly to a wood post for level runs.

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DriveTite Angle Kits

Angle DriveTite

Attaches to a wood post on angled runs.


Kits for Metal Posts

Cable Railing With Metal PostsMetal kits are used to create a cable railing system using pre-drilled holes in aluminum or stainless steel posts.

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Level Tension

Level Tension Kit

Mount into holes on metal posts to tension straight runs of cable.

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Angle Tension

Angle Tension Kit

Mount into holes on metal posts to tension angled runs of cable.

Each pack of cable kits will tension one end of a run of cable. If your railing system is 36” tall, you’ll generally need a 10 pack of kits for each end of the run. You’ll need an 11 pack for a 39” system, and a 12 pack for a 42” system. This allows the cable to be spaced less than 4” apart, which is required to meet code.

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