Floating Stairs

Take Flight

Floating stairs are created with one or two “stringers” that hold treads in place without risers, giving treads the appearance of floating in mid-air. This modern design option is an ideal choice for customers who are seeking clean, contemporary lines and an open view.

Viewrail™ Flight floating stairs are safe, stylish, flexible and fast. Plus, each Flight system is custom built for your specific space requirements. Explore the benefits of beauty, strength, and ease of installation that exemplify the Viewrail™ Flight system. Read More


Mild or stainless steel is formed into a structurally sound, simple, and aesthetically pleasing foundation.

Thick wood treads combine with Flight’s steel mono-stringer for a look that balances modern style and
luxurious warmth. With over 20 species of wood available, it’s easy to find the perfect match for any project.

Powder-coating protects the steel mono-stringer. A range of powder coat colors provide options that make thick treads pop and add an extra element of style.

Viewrail™ railing options in cable, slim rod, or glass pair with Flight for seamless open design continuity. Wood, aluminum or stainless steel handrail finish the picture-perfect look.


The modern design of Viewrail™ Flight supports more weight than you might think. In recent testing, an in-house installation was saddled with sandbags and water tanks, withstanding over 5000 pounds.

Easy Install

Engineered with ease of installation in mind, Viewrail™ Flight requires no welding or cutting of the stringer on-site. The system is delivered ready to install with no more than minor leveling adjustments. Watch the video to see how quickly Flight can become part of a renovation or new build.

Code Compatibility

Viewrail™ Flight is designed to meet standard building codes, such as the 4” sphere rule. Local code requirements should always be consulted before placing an order.

Want More Info?

Let Viewrail™ help bring your floating staircase to life. For a detailed quote, please use our Flight Quote Request Form. We welcome pictures or a sketch of your project. The more information you can provide, the more precise we can make your quote. A representative will reach out to you within 24 hours of quote request to discuss your project.