Shoes and Accessories for Iron Balusters

StairSupplies™ offers several parts for your wrought iron balusters including wrought iron baluster shoes, knuckles, mounting kits and epoxy. Wrought iron shoes come as a flat or angled pieces so that they can be mounted at either the top or the bottom of the baluster. The shoes are made from aluminum giving them a precise fit around the baluster and the ability for them to be sanded to fit the contour and angle of the stairway wall or the stair handrail. The knuckles can be fitted to any our 1/2″ iron balusters and held in place with epoxy or the set screw. The newel mounting kit is a must for installing wrought iron newels. The newel mounting kit makes a firm and secure connection. Epoxy is the best way to secure  to treads and handrails. Our epoxy is formulated to have the right set time and mixes easily in our mixing tubes. Read More

  • 16.3.19 Flat Aluminum Shoe

    16.3.19 Aluminum ShoeView Item Use with 1/2" Balusters
  • 16.3.2 Angled Aluminum Shoe

    16.3.2 Aluminum ShoeView Item Use with 1/2" Balusters
  • 16.3.20 Flat Aluminum Shoe

    16.3.20 Aluminum ShoeView Item Use with 9/16" Balusters
  • 16.3.17 Angled Aluminum Shoe

    16.3.17 Aluminum ShoeView Item Use with 9/16" Baluster
  • 16.5.1 Aluminum Knuckle

    16.5.1 Iron KnuckleView Item Use with 1/2" Balusters
    Adjustable Knuckle

  • 16.2.3 Iron Newel Mounting Kit

    16.2.3 Iron Newel Mounting KitView Item Used to install 1 3/16" Iron Newel Posts to Stairs or Landings
  • EPC-112 Epoxy Gun

    EPC-122 Epoxy GunView Item
    5 out of 5
    Necessary for dispensing epoxy cartridges.
  • EPC-410 Epoxy Cartridge

    EPC-410 Epoxy CartridgeView Item Dual cartridge epoxy refill.
  • Iron Sample Pack

    Iron Sample PackView Item Our 5 most popular finishes.

Wrought Iron Baluster Installation

StairSupplies™ offers several resources for installing your stair parts, including this download for installing iron balusters. We provide service and expertise over the phone on custom stair parts, and even offer resources for how to clean wrought iron.