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Product Description

Quick Slide is a groundbreaking handrail system designed for quick installation and extreme durability. Installing metal handrail onto posts used to take hours. Without Quick Slide, you would have to spend hours to perfectly locate, mark, drill, and fasten your handrail brackets. But now, all you need to do is cut your handrail to length. When your posts are mounted and your handrail is cut,  Quick Slide brackets and handrail can be moved into place and fastened in less than a minute – drastically reducing installation time and cost. And, there are no complicated tools required. In fact, you can install the entire system with just a few allen wrenches. 

It’s not just easy to install – it’s also more durable than other metal handrail systems. Up until now, the railing industry has accepted the use of Stainless Steel screws to fasten Aluminum handrail, by necessity. There has not been a strong enough alternative. In a coastal environment, mixing multiple metals can cause contamination and results in corrosion. However, Quick Slide fixes this problem. Quick Slide uses an extruded aluminum channel to hold a bolt and nut system in place that never penetrates into the handrail. Instead, the channel is wedged between the bracket and nut, creating an extremely strong bond that is much more resistant to rust and corrosion. The connection remains strong, and no aluminum is compromised. It’s your best option for railing longevity – especially in salty, coastal environments.

*Quick Slide Handrail is designed to be used with Viewrail Quick Slide Aluminum Posts with Rod, Cable, Or Glass infills

*Handrails 17ft-20ft in length are billed at the same rate

Key Features

  • Fastest handrail installation on the market
  • 1″ x 4″ Aluminum profile
  • Use with a Fluoropolymer Powder Coat in coastal applications for incredible results
  • No screws needed, which means no holes drilled in the aluminum
  • An unbroken powder coat seal for exceptional durability
  • Installed with only one Allen wrench needed
  • Used on top of Universal Top Aluminum posts

Installation Guide

Quick Side Handrail Installation Instructions

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