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Post Angle Foot Cover


Rise & Run Details

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Product Description

The Post Angle Foot Cover hides the post mounting hardware, creating an elegant, finished look.

The cover is 3/4″ tall and made to match any of our metal post finishes.

Note, if a powder coat is desired on this product, select the aluminum metal type. The powder will create a barrier and will prevent any galvanic corrosion. If a brushed stainless cover is desired, clear out the selection (under post foot angle), and select your desired metal type, angle, and “Brushed Stainless” finish.

Product Q&A

5 years 11 months ago

What are the outside dimensions of this cover?

5 years 11 months ago


The Post Angle Foot Cover will be 4 3/4″ (length) x 3 11/16″ (width) x 3/4″ (height).