Tigerwood Sample

Tigerwood is a boldly striped wood.  The base color is a reddish brown with dark brown or nearly black stripes.  The stripes follow the grain of the wood and often form cathedrals or other prominent grain patterns.  Many descriptions have been given to Tigerwood.  Some say it looks like a mahogany with strokes from a brush dipped in brown paint.  Others have described it as vanilla fudge ice cream.  Nearly everyone describes it as beautiful.  Tigerwood will darken with age and the color varies, as does the frequency of the dark brown striping (some pieces will have prominent striping, some may not).

Tigerwood Stripping

Tigerwood works well as a stair part.  The bold grains form amazing patterns in round newels and handrails.  Tigerwood treads can be matched with Tigerwood flooring for a dramatic entrance to any home.  Tigerwood is hard with a 2160 on the janka scale making it a very durable wood.  Tigerwood is not always available in long lengths.  Stair Supplies is capable of grain matching handrails, but the pronounced grains in Tigerwood make it more challenging to get a perfect match. When possible try to select products less than 12′ long to avoid grain matching.

Tigerwood will darken with age which makes the background darker and the stripes less pronounced.

The species name is Goncalo Alves and it is grown in Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru.

Stair Supplies offers Tigerwood in all of our stair parts. Call one of our stair specialist today to help you.

NOTE: Once you receive your Tigerwood stair parts please seal the ends ASAP, as the density and oil content of the wood makes it very susceptible to cracks.