Unique and Custom Posts for Cable Rail

Unique and Custom Posts for Cable Rail

My job is to create the custom stuff that customers want.  Recently a customer in Flordia asked for an octagon cable rail system for a stunning second floor balcony.  The beauty of the cable rail system that I have created is the hidden fastener system.  I am really fussy about keeping all of the fasteners hidden inside of the posts.  The customer’s specific request was to find a way to make the cable continuous in a complete octagon.  I took on the personal challenge of making sure that every post looked identical so that after installation there was no way to discern the beginning from the end.

Project # 65

Continuous Cable Rail Octagon


We took the time to engineer a post with that would allow for a termination of the cable on one side and for the opposite side to have tightening.  The contractor was able to install the octagon system, tighten it and complete the job in a timely fashion.  The look is beautiful.

So bring us a challenge, I love to find creative ways to help you achieve the look you need.

Len Morris

Owner StairSuppliesTM

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