Hand Scraped Treads: The Next Best Thing

Hand Scraped Treads: The Next Big Thing

Of all the products that StairSuppliesTM crafts, my personal favorite is the  8090 Hand Scraped Landing Tread. These treads are manufactured like any of the other treads, but a special hand scraping process is added at the end. A video that shows the dimensions and gives a good picture of what the hand-scraped treads look like can be seen here. The treads can only be fully appreciated when you touch them, as a camera can’t quite capture the peaks and valleys that this product features.

8090 Hand Scraped Landing TreadI have a fair amount of experience when it comes to experiencing hand scraped treads. I photographed an install that used hand scraped treads along with a hand scraped flooring (which was beautiful). The installer had never seen hand scraped treads and he was amazed at how the ridges were crafted.

My family is close friends with the family that had these treads put in and they absolutely love them! They are a great compliment to the floating staircase design (another great choice) which they chose. The stairway could not look better.

The hand scraped treads look great on any type of wood but most that I’ve seen are on dark wood. The ridges are slightly more visible on a lighter wood but are still noticeable on the dark woods. You will notice a significant difference walking on the hand scraped treads as the ridges create a slightly uneven walk. However, I welcome the change as it provides more traction and makes walking in socks easier.

All the features of hand scraped treads make the price increase worth it. The care that the StairSuppliesTM craftsmen take to make your treads will not let you down and it will give your staircase that “it” factor that simply can’t be defined. Hand scraped treads are attractive and helpful and for these reasons I am labeling hand scraped treads “The Next Big Thing.”

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