Construction Quality in New Homes is Determined by Fasteners

Construction Quality in New Homes is Determined by Fasteners

Construction Quality and Fastener Quality

On our family farm there are hand hewn beams with lap joints and round pegs that were driven in as fasteners to hold the barn together in the 1800s barn construction.  These fasteners have held for well over 100 years, but we have found some better ways to hold pieces of wood together.  The construction industry has a lot of specific fasteners for specific applications:

  • Hurricane ties
  • Joist Hangars
  • Door Jamb Clips
  • Roofing Nails

The list could go on and on.  The quality of the construction of a house is usually found at the intersections or the joints.  When two pieces of material come together the strength and longevity of how they are tied together will determine your overall look for years to come.  Choose the best fastener possible for holding materials together and don’t rely on adhesives.  Nails are okay for some applications, but screws are stronger and better.

Making a case for great quality screws in construction

When trim pieces are installed in new construction homes it has been customary to put them in with nails.  Nails seem to hold firmly and perform well, but why not take the extra time to use a good quality screw?  There are many advantages to a screw

  • Better holding power
  • Removability
  • Pulls materials together
  • More corrosion resistance

In addition to these features of a screw it is a hallmark that sets a craftsman apart from others.  It displays to homeowners and everyone who views the work, that the craftsman who takes the time to apply a screw to hold the trim in place, really cares about the installation.

Screw installNot all screws are created equal.  I greatly prefer the GRK Fasteners.  These screws are made from much harder materials and are designed to not strip out when running into hard woods with a great amount of force.  I strongly recommend screws like these when installing interior doors, stair treads and cabinetry.  These fasteners will perform over the life of the structure.

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