Maple Stair Treads

Use Maple Stair Treads for a Safer and Elegant Stairway

Maple is a popular choice as a material for building stair parts. This is largely because Maple is a relatively light type of wood that is easy to manage, affordable by most standards and owing to its light tone, lends itself easily to be stained differently or polished. In this respect, maple stair treads are a perfect example.

If you are considering replacing the steps on your stairs, try installing a new set of Maple stair treads. They are available today in a wide range of set sizes and finishes, and they are ideal for most occasions. However, if you have custom requirements, you can discuss them with stair part manufacturers.

Maple stair treads are stair parts usually available as plain, returned right hand or left hand (as viewed from bottom of stairs looking up), or returned at both ends. Remember that the overall tread width for treads returned on one end is taken from the outside of the return after it is applied. Treads with double returns will require rear inside of return to inside of return dimension. Most of these treads are edge-glued for better stability and to prevent cupping.

Maple exudes a very unique charm and is a very versatile material. You will find that it fits into almost any kind of décor with surprising ease. You can choose to buy treads that are ‘raw’, so that you can later have them painted and readied just the way you want them, or as ‘prefinished’ that can let you save a good deal of time while installing them.

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