Stair Tread Products – a Brief on the Variety

Stair Tread Products – a Brief on the Variety

How many of us realize the true worth of “stair treads” as we unconsciously step on them – perhaps a billion times throughout our entire lives? Stair treads are the most crucial parts of stairs, and presumably get walked on innumerable times each day, in our homes, schools, offices or business establishments. Thus, use of good quality stair treads assumes utmost priority when remodeling the stairs everywhere. There are a variety of manufacturers and sellers dealing with high quality, customized stair tread products, and each one competes with the other in terms of product quality and price.

Broadly speaking, the stair tread products and accessories belong to these categories:

General treads or risers
Starting steps
Winder treads
Cove and shoe
False treads
Replacement treads

The products enumerated above are usually created with standard machinery and lumber, ensuring durability, as well as consistency in appearance and color.

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