5-Minute Guide to Buying New Stair Treads

Getting ready to replace stair treads

Replacing the stair treads in your home can be both a joy and pain. Besides the joy of finally getting those old, worn-out treads replaced with new, shiny ones, the process can usually take the better part of the day or even longer, depending on the length of your stairway. And during the installation, you are likely to remain cut off from using the staircase. So, if you are planning to have the stair treads replaced at home, be sure to keep plenty of time in hand. Don’t have guests in the house, send the kids away and stay prepared to remain cut off from the parts of your house that the staircase connects for some amount of time.

Buying correct stair tread products

To cut the installation time, you can opt for prefinished stair treads that, as the name suggests, come prefinished and pre-polished to be installed right away without the need for having to ‘prepare’ them at first. This significantly cuts the installation time and can actually lessen much of the usual hassles. However, whether you settle for regular stair tread products or prefinished treads, be sure to choose the widest treads that you can find. Wider the steps, better is the footing. And consequently, you can also make the stairway much safer to use. Also choose the right kind of material and finish to make sure that the steps are not too slippery and are strong enough to bear the weight of the climber. And last but not the least, insist on a professional installation of the new treads to ensure that they are installed securely and installed well.

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