Iron Balusters

Beautify your Home with Smart Iron Balusters

The finest way of adding beauty to your home is by remodeling your stair case and introducing smart iron balusters. People are remodeling their homes all the time and quite often the remodeling of the staircase is one of the important areas of this beautification programs. One point where all customers are agreed seems to be in the selection of wrought iron balusters with exotic wood handrails and custom designed box newels. Here, you will find in Stair Supplies a very reliable supplier in complete stair parts for your needs in respect of custom wood stair parts and wrought iron balusters besides other stair hardware.

Stair Supplies build custom stair parts for DIY homeowners and contractors besides stair installer and professional stair builders. This reliable and professional supplier offers varieties of wrought iron balusters in a rich variety of designs and colors. You will find their iron balusters ideal for exterior applications as well. It’s quite easy to replace the existing wood balusters with iron balusters in majority of the stairways. It is far cheaper than a complete remodel of the handrails and treads too. You will find the iron balusters grouped by both design and compatibility. You can therefore choose a combination of balusters within its category. Iron balusters are in solid and hollow forms. The solid balusters are of course heavier and have an old world look about them. The hollow balusters are easy to cut and install and these have a smooth and flawless finish. Iron balusters are fairly easy to install with an epoxy kit that comes with them. The epoxy is adequate to provide a lifetime of durability and strength.

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