Rod Railing Posts

Crafted from the highest quality aluminum or stainless steel, our Rod Railing Posts are built to look great and last. We’ve developed a variety of mounting and top styles to fit your design needs. Furthermore, these posts are perfectly compatible with any of our Rod Railing Handrails, giving you an excellent selection of guard and grab railing. Combine these posts with our split post foot covers to hide the mounting screws and give your system a clean look. Read More

About Rod Railing

Strong, sturdy, and stunning, Rod Railing is the latest addition to our growing list of top-quality infill systems. Rod Railing is ideal for customers who like the horizontal, view-preserving aspects of cable railing, but seek extra industrial flair.

When you order Rod Railing, you will receive durable, round beams in 12’ lengths. These rods have a ⅜” diameter and are manufactured from solid 316 Stainless Steel. This gives them a thick, pronounced look when fitted into our metal posts.

Rod Railing posts are available for both surface and side mount posts. End posts for Rod Railing will have holes on the rod-facing side, and a smooth, holeless surface on the exposed side. Because Rod Railing does not require any components, your system will have an unbroken, fluid style. For an even more eye-catching look, you can select powder coated posts that will provide contrast against the brushed stainless rods, giving your system maximal visual interest. Along with our posts, you will want our split foot covers that are specifically designed to fit around the baseplates of your posts after installation, providing a polished finishing touch.