6410 Handrail

6410 Handrail

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Product Description

The 6410 “Basement Handrail” is designed to take up minimum space while providing maximum style. You will find this handrail is perfect for use in narrow basement stairways because of its compact and sturdy design.

Key Features

  • Rounded Top
  • Compact Design
  • Elegantly Detailed


  • Widest Point: 2 1/20”
  • Tallest Point: 1 ⅓”
  • Base Width: 1”

Mounting and Finishing Information:

  • Iron Baluster Mount: Pair this handrail with your choice of Wrought Iron Balusters for timeless beauty. Design your own look with the Iron Baluster Design Tool. Be sure to include the proper mounting accessories, such as mounting kits and aluminum shoes.
  • Bracket Mount: The 6410 Handrail may be mounted using Handrail Brackets for Wall-Mounted Handrail. Be aware of code requirements in your area. Most codes require wall-mounted handrails to terminate into a wall.This handrail cannot be produced with wall-terminating endings, so be sure to check your local code requirements before ordering.
  • Finishings: Handrails may be treated with Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer to protect them against the natural oils from skin. This protective layer will keep your handrail looking new and fresh for years to come. This finishing is only approved for indoor applications. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer any exterior-grade finishes. If your handrail will be used outside, you may order it unfinished and self-apply an exterior-grade finish.
  • Rail Bolt Kit: If you plan to join two handrails, install Wooden Newels, or connect Handrail Fittings, you will need a Rail Bolt Kit or an Angled Rail Bolt Kit.

Longer handrails crafted in certain species may require joints. Though this situation is rare, joints are always constructed with color, grain-match, and strength as priorities. We utilize Scarf Joints in order to provide the strongest, most discreet joint possible.

Product Specifications


Wood Grain & Color Variation

At StairSuppliesTM we strive to match the grain and color of all of our wood products as closely as possible. However, due to the natural character of wood products, there may be instances in which a perfect grain and color match is not possible. By ordering from StairSuppliesTM, you acknowledge that there may be some variation in the grain and color of your wood products.

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    Product Q&A

    Brandon Gowen
    1 year 11 months ago

    does this handrail meet IBC code?

    1 year 11 months ago

    Hi Brandon,
    From our understanding of code the width of the handrail is in line with building codes in most areas. However, we always recommend that you check with your local code office before making a purchase. If you’d like you can order a sample of the handrail profile to take to the inspector to get their approval.
    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    1 year 8 months ago

    Does this product have a return end piece?

    1 year 8 months ago

    Unfortunately no, there are not fittings available for this handrail profile.

    Joseph Gullotta
    1 year 7 months ago

    What is the dimesion on the width of the flat on 6410

    1 year 7 months ago

    Hi Joseph,
    The flat bottom on this handrail is 1″ wide.
    Please let us know if you have any other questions.


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