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Product Description

Why choose between style and strength? At ⅜” thick and 12’ long, stainless steel rods are a horizontal infill as striking as they are strong. Combine them with our metal Rod Railing Posts for a contemporary system that’s built to last.

  • Simple Installation: No Fittings Required.
  • Durable ⅜” Thick, Round Rods sold in 12’ Lengths.
  • Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel.
  • Compatible with Curved Staircases.

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    Product Q&A

    Rolf Van Rijn
    6 months 23 days ago

    how does rod installation compare to cable? I saw the cable video. How easy is it to crimp end piece on the cable as that was not shown in the video? do you thread the rods after you cut them in order to create a tight fit?

    6 months 23 days ago

    Hi Rolf,

    With a cable railing system, you’ll mount all of your posts before stringing your cable. With rod railing, you would mount one end post, but you would not mount the other end post until all the rods are in place. Crimping the threaded crimp fittings for cable railing is not difficult. However, if you have a lot of runs, it can be time-consuming. There are no fittings involved in our current rod railing system design. The holes of the posts are drilled just wide enough to accept the rods, so you will have a tight fit. The most important thing to consider when looking at a rod railing system is how you can make the most of the 12′ rods. Figuring out how to cut them with the least amount of waste in advance is crucial for making the most of your installation and your budget. Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

    6 months 13 days ago

    Assuming the rods are solid and not hollow (otherwise I’d guess they’d be ‘pipe’ or ‘tubing’). What is your recommendation for cutting these? Hacksaw? Bandsaw?

    6 months 8 days ago

    Hi Scott,

    I apologize for the delayed response. Yes, the rods are solid. We recommend using an angle grinder when making your cuts. Please let us know if there’s anything else we can help with!

    6 months 11 days ago

    How far apart do you recommend placing the posts for a rod system? Can you provide any insight on rod deflection at 4,5, and 6 ft distances between posts?

    Kind regards,

    6 months 9 days ago

    Hi Eric,

    For both cable and rod railing systems, we recommend that structural posts are placed no further than 4′ apart. This is going to keep deflection very minimal over time. At distances longer than 4′, the rods will begin to bow, which may cause problems with the 4″ sphere rule that is common for code if the rods bow at different rates. All that to say, for the structural integrity of your system and its aesthetic appearance, we strongly recommend 4′ spacing.

    5 months 16 days ago

    Are the rods only available in 316 stainless? I do not see any other materials listed.

    5 months 3 days ago


    Yes, all rods are only available in 316 Stainless Steel. This is for maximum strength, corrosion resistance, and durability.

    Jim C.
    4 months 28 days ago

    Hi – Is the stainless rod polished? Or is it Mill finished?

    4 months 28 days ago


    Good question. All of our stainless steel rods are polished.

    3 months 15 days ago

    Can I order the rods longer than 12′? If yes, what is the longest? If no, do you suggest using two 12′ and have them meet in the middle of a J Post?

    Caleb Morris
    3 months 13 days ago


    At this point, we only offer 12′ rods. You will simply meet the two rods in the middle of a post. However, you could not do that in the middle of a “J” Post as that post only has holes on one side. For an angled application, you would accomplish this with a “B-5” Post. For a level application, use an “A-5” Post.