A Blend of Traditional and Modern Styles

A Blend of Traditional and Modern Styles

What you choose for your box newels, handrail, and balusters will determine the style of your stairway. Most of StairSupplies’ products have a traditional feel to them, but there are plenty of choices if you prefer a modern stairway. A common misconception is that it looks best to stick to one style of stairway. Done properly, different styles can be blended for a great look. Let’s take a look at a stairway that has blended the traditional and modern styles to create a beautiful staircase.

Project # 77

The first thing you may have noticed in this photo is the box newel in the foreground of the photo. This newel is called the 4600 Ranch Box Newel and is usually a more traditional piece. It couples well with the plain Iron Balusters and the Knuckle Iron Balusters which are part of the versatile series.

The true fusion of traditional and modern styles isn’t apparent in either the ranch newels or the versatile balusters, it is in the handrail and handrail brackets. StairSupplies’ 6000 Handrail and Classic Handrail Brackets look more modern than the the ranch newel because of their simple design. However, the layout works because of the natural linear design to the newel, handrail, and balusters. None of them are too ornate, which lets each piece of the stairway stand out on individually and as a component in the composition.

The stairway is complemented further by the hardwood flooring. Other flooring doesn’t give the same feel to the staircase. Carpet or tile tend to look out of place with smart stairways such as this and will detract from the overall glamour of the staircase. If you want the best of your stairway, put down hardwood flooring.

Lastly, I want to look at the stain on the balusters and handrail brackets. Each of these is stained with a satin black finish. Generally, it is good practice to match the stains on these in order to avoid color clash. Also, pay attention to the wood used to make sure those don’t clash as well. To be safe, call StairSupplies at 1 (866) 226 6536.

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