Wall Mounted Handrail

Wall Mounted Handrail Checklist: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Take it Easy

Let’s keep it simple. There are many details to keep in mind when designing your Wall Mounted Handrail, but it all comes down to 5 basic decisions. When styling your handrail, you only need to consider the handrail’s length, shape, wood species, ending style, and brackets. Work through the checklist below, and before you know it you’ll have a beautiful and secure addition to your home.

  1. LENGTH: To get a general idea of how much handrail you need, count the number of steps on your stairway and multiply by 13”. Don’t forget to add any extra length that may be needed at the top or bottom of your stairway. To determine the exact length of handrail your stairway requires, talk to a StairSupplies™ expert and confirm measurements needed for your situation.
  2. SHAPE: There are many options for your handrail shape, but don’t worry… we’re keeping this simple, remember? Peruse our selection of handrail profiles to see which best fits your home’s style. Select the one that jumps out at you, or read more to determine which handrail will blend flawlessly into your home’s aesthetic.
  3. WOOD SPECIES: StairSupplies™ offers dozens of different wood species options for your stairway. Don’t see one you like? Give us a call or fill out our Wood Design Help Form to find out what other options may be available.
  4. ENDING STYLE: When it comes to choosing your wall mounted handrail ending, you have three options to choose from: Returned End Handrails, Quarter Turn Handrails, and 45 Degree Mitered Handrail.

6710 Returned End HandrailReturned End Handrail

This simple Returned End Handrail, will be fitted to round-off your handrail. Select our “Pre-Finished” option on this handrail, and you will be ready to install upon arrival! This ending is made to match the shape of your handrail exactly, to create a smooth finish at the top and bottom of your stairway.

Quarter Turn Handrail

Add an elegant turn to your handrail with the Quarter Turn Handrail ending. This creates a smooth, rounded transition from stairs to the rest of the house. If you select the “Pre-Finished” option, your handrail will be stained and ready for installation.6710 Level Quarter Turn Handrail

Your handrail will arrive slightly longer than expected at the end of the Quarter Turn. This extra allowance gives you the opportunity to cut your handrail to the exact size and angle of your walls. Every wall is unique and many are often slightly angled. We provide this clearance to make sure you have a perfect fit!

45 Degree Mitered Handrail

6710 45 deg Mitered HandrailYour railing will take a turn with this 45 Degree Mitered Handrail ending. This squared transition offers a clean, modern look of wall mounted handrail. Selecting “Pre-Finished” will ensure that your handrail arrives nearly ready to install.

Similar to the Quarter Turn Handrail ending, the 45 Degree Mitred Handrail ending will arrive slightly longer than expected. This allows you to cut it down to match your unique wall. Each wall has a slightly different angle, and we want your handrail to be just right.

Keeping up with Code

Be aware of code requirements in your area. Most codes require stair handrails to terminate into a wall. For that reason, Quarter Turn and 45 degree Mitred handrail endings usually comply best with building code. Check your local code requirements before making a purchase.

  1. HANDRAIL BRACKETS: Before you purchase your handrail, be sure to map out how many handrail brackets you will need. Remember, you will need a bracket every 4’. So, for example, if you had an 8’ handrail, you would need three handrail brackets — one at the top, one in the middle, and one at the end of the 8 feet of handrail. And don’t forget, avoid installing handrail brackets at handrail joints. This could weaken the joint over time.

Stick to this checklist and keep Wall Mounted Handrail simple!


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