See Wall Mounted Handrail

45 Degree Mitered Handrail

45 Degree Mitered handrails have been mitered at a 45 degree angle and attached on both ends. Select the “Pre-Finished” option on your 45 Degree Mitered wood handrail for a product that is truly ready to install. No walls are built perfectly straight, which can create problems for pre-cut wall-mounted handrails. If a pre-cut wall mounted handrail is being installed on a wall that stands at even the slightest angle, one of the ends may be too short to reach the wall. If this occurs, the entire handrail becomes useless.

That’s why we make our fittings slightly oversized, so you don’t have to worry about having to throw out your railing. Instead, simply line it up against your wall when it arrives and cut down the ends to meet the exact specifications of your unique wall. StairSupplies Handrails are available in 25 wood species up to 20 feet long expertly made to match the wood in your home. Call a stair specialist if you need help selecting the right parts for your stairway 1 (866) 226 6536.