Cable Rail: Episode 2

If you look directly beneath this post, you will find a post named Cable Rail: Sleek, Stylish, Simplistic. That entry, I have come to realize, merely touched on the potential of cable rail and the characteristics of it. Episode 2 will delve a bit more deeply into the specifics of cable rail.

Cable rail’s main strength lies in its versatility. It can be used on a stairway, landing, terrace, deck, or nearly any area that needs to be blocked off. Currently, StairSuppliesTM is working on a project to put cable rail on a boat landing. The craftsmen at StairSuppliesTM work hard to make sure that the angles of your posts are precise and the cable rail tact to prevent any mishaps.

StairSuppliesTM has given their product the name of Viewrail. This refers to the clear view the customer receives when they order the cable rail system. The Viewrail doesn’t have any bindings or bundles attached in eyesight. It’s genius lies inside the post, to avoid the clunky look some cable rail has come to be associated with. Simple fastenings connect the cable rail inside of each post in order to keep the cable tact and unyielding.

When a customer orders cable rail, they usually choose to participate in StairSuppliesTM tool renting program. This gives the customer everything they need to install cable rail themselves, or hand it off to a contractor. Upon return of the items, the cost is only $49 for a rental. In building a beautiful stairway, deck, terrace, or whatever have you, that cost is negligible.

The cable rail system comes with either steel or stainless steel mounting posts and gold or silver screws. My personal preference is the silver on silver or silver on stainless steel, but the decision is left completely up to the customer.

The craftsmen at StairSuppliesTM are always brainstorming new ways to make their cable rail more efficient and cost effective their customer. StairSuppliesTM really believes they have a great product on their hands and is doing everything they can to make it their own.