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Onyx Rod Railing Kits

Everything you need to achieve strength and beauty for your rod railing system now comes in black. Each of these onyx accessories is designed to pair perfectly with Viewrail Onyx Rod Railing, our onyx  ¼” diameter rod railing infill.

Paired with the right accessories, our Onyx Rod Railing is simple to install on level surfaces or at an angle along stairways. Tension kits tighten the rods between two posts using our standard tension receiver and specially designed threaded crimp fittings, all in a matching finish.

Crimp your rod onto the fitting, then tighten the threading into the tension receiver for a strong, long lasting fit. For railing spanning further than 20’ in one direction, couplers connect two rods together for a smooth, continuous look.

Onyx rods are composed of a 304 Steel powder coated black, while the fittings are anodized and infused with black. Due to the material make up, these are not recommended for coastal applications.