Custom Stair Treads

StairSuppliesTM manufactures every part to order, none of our wood products are sitting on a shelf waiting to be sold. Because of that we can make custom size and dimension treads in our standard lead times. No need to wait months for a custom product. Pick from one of our templates below in order to enter the custom dimensions for your tread material. If you’re still not able to see what you’re looking for give us a call and we’d be happy to assist you! 866 226-6536.

  • Custom Stair Treads

    Custom Dimension Stair TreadsView Item Create your own Stair Treads
  • Custom Replacement Treads

    Custom Dimension Replacement TreadsView Item Create your own Replacement Treads
  • Custom Thick Treads

    Custom Dimension Thick TreadsView Item Create your own Thick Treads
  • Custom Risers

    Custom Stair RiserView Item
  • Custom Landing Treads

    Custom Dimension Landing TreadView Item Create your own Landing Treads
  • Custom S4S Board

    Custom S4S BoardView Item
  • Custom Landing Platform

    Custom Landing PlatformView Item
  • Custom Replacement Landing Platforms

    Custom Replacement PlatformView Item
  • Custom Thick Landing Platforms

    Custom Dimension Landing PlatformView Item