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Handrail Fittings

At StairSuppliesTM, our selection of wood handrail stair fittings are elegantly crafted to match your stair handrails and make your stairway flow beautifully. Choose from 12+ different wood fittings below including right or left hand volutes, easing’s, stair turnouts, gooseneck fittings, angled stair fitting and more. If you have questions you can always call a Stair Specialist expert at 1 (866) 226 6536.

The craftsmen at StairSuppliesTM inspect every wood handrail fitting and will ensure that the profiles are an exact match. But that’s not all, at StairSupplies, every handrail fittings is hand sanded and inspected to exceed your expectations. Our plant utilizes the latest in computer aided machinery to hold close tolerances on all the wood stair parts we produce for you.Read about fitting quality and tight tolerances.