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Project # 108

DriveTite System Variations

When people have existing wooden posts, they may think that cable railing is not an option for them. Fortunately, this is not the case. StairSupplies™ offers a cable tensioning system for wood posts: DriveTite. There are two versions of our Drivetite system–crimped and crimpless. The crimpless version features a cable wedge that slides over the cable. Once the wedge is in place, you can simply compress it into the barrel fitting using a pair of our modified pliers. The crimped style is similar, utilizing a cable stop that is crimped onto the cable. While the cable wedge is compressed into the barrel fitting, the cable stop rests just behind it. Both systems are great for tensioning cable inside of wood posts. However, we generally recommend using the crimpless system unless you are already doing crimping elsewhere in your project.

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