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Project #327

The Living Room OKC opened in June, 2021. It’s a new nightclub inside The District Hotel in the 39th Street District of Oklahoma City, with the entire building undergoing a complete remodel as a classic boutique hotel. The rooms, lobby, restaurant, and two additional night clubs are all being redesigned with one designer. 

“It was a pretty well-known hotel and nightclub by different names before rebranding” said Lorenzo Buttram Hubbard, award-winning Architectural and Interior Designer. “To begin the interior design correctly, you need to understand the audience, who the customers will be, as well as what the original building and interior would have looked like,” he said.

Given that the name of the nightclub would be The Living Room, Lorenzo understood that warm and comfortable was the direction to go. 

A total of about 80 feet of railing runs along much of all four sides of the dance floor, defines two conversation areas, and provides a handrail on a short stairway.

“I wanted a warm, contemporary, industrial feel. The flooring for the stage, Cellar Bar, and VIP areas are constructed of 70-year-old Oak wood from an older part of the Hotel. The dance floor is done in a custom epoxy and the remaining flooring is the existing concrete stained in Crimson and polished with a matte finish,” Lorenzo explained. 

Lorenzo and the building owner were looking for flexibility in construction, as the railing would provide protection and definition for several different areas of the club. Of course, cost effectiveness was crucial.

“The rectangular handrail was a great find, instead of just round, as it’s more contemporary, and a better illustration of mid-century design,” Lorenzo pointed out. “We had a very hands-on, interactive experience with the Viewrail team that I worked with when specifying the product, creating the quote, and actually getting the product. They were very helpful and adept at using the photos and measurements we provided. I also designed the bars and the benches and everything needed to work together perfectly. The engineering staff at Viewrail were very professional and communicated the usages of the products to me very clearly. We discussed using cable railing between the posts, but decided against it for aesthetic and cost purposes.”

The surface-mount aluminum posts were factory powder coated in Super Bronze to match the reclaimed flooring. “We ordered the Red Oak handrail unfinished and we did that on-site,” Lorenzo said. “If I had to do it over again, I think a factory finish would be a better idea.”

“The installation is gorgeous, even under the varied lighting of a dance club,” Lorenzo concluded. “Essentially, it’s a residential application in a commercial structure. We’ve received rave reviews since the Grand Opening.”

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