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8077 False Craftsman Stair Treads


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Product Description

Don’t compromise comfort for style… get the best of both worlds with 8077 False Stair Treads. Carpeted stairs provide warmth while false stair treads add character and timeless beauty. Crafted from high-quality wood, false treads can be customized to complement your balusters, newels, and false stair riser plates. With your home in mind, we design details such as a 1/8″ roundover along each outer edge and tread thickness to rest level with most styles of padded carpet. Craftsman style shines through thanks to clean, mitered corners and gentle roundovers on the edges. Carefully constructed, just for you!

Note, wood products may have varying amounts of staves due to the varying thicknesses of lumber that comes in each bunk and the width of the product.

Key Features

  • Use on Carpeted Stairs
  • Craftsman Edging 1/8″ Roundover Trim
  • Returned Ends
  • Stain-grade

Mounting & Installation

Install False Stair Treads on a secure base, such as construction treads or a base built from dimensional lumber (2×10’s, 2×12’s, or 2×4’s). Anchor false treads to the base using construction adhesive and screws.

Because all homes have slight variations and unique angles, False Stair Treads are designed to be trimmed on-site for a tailored fit. If you need to trim the rounded returns, use a belt sander or palm sander with 60 grit sandpaper to achieve a consistent, smooth appearance.


Each side of a carpeted stairway that does not attach to a wall needs a False Stair Tread. To determine if a Right or Left Returned False Stair Tread is required, stand at the bottom of the stairway and look up. If the right side is exposed, then you need a Right Returned False Starting Step. If the left side is exposed, then you need a Left Returned False Starting Step. A False Stair Tread can also be placed on each side of a step to form a Double Returned End design. Left and Right Hand Returns add an extra 1 ¼” in width due to the attached return.

Styling Options

  • Cove Molding
  • False Stair Riser Plate
  • False Starting Step

Interior Use Only

This product may contain glue joints and is designed for interior use only.

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