Joint Free
StairSupplies™ manufactures fine quality handrails for stairs that are 99% of the time free from joints. Some woods require joints for longer lengths. You will love the beauty of our solid handrails. Solid handrails have a tendency to bow or have a slight warp. Deflection of 3/32″ per foot is considered normal.

Tight Tolerances
Our tolerances from one handrail to another are extremely tight. Our craftsmen measure handrails with calipers and a special set of gauges crafted to check handrails. The tolerances between handrail and fittings is equally tight. Every fitting is inspected and quality checked with gauges to ensure they meet our tight tolerances. Stair supplies does everything possible to produce handrail and fittings that match perfectly, nonetheless wood expands and contracts. Wood moves with humidity and each piece moves differently based upon wood species, grain, and how it is glued. Expect some sanding when handrails are joined to fittings. Since each pieces is hand sanded at Stair Supplies by our craftsmen to remove machining marks expect to sand to bring together a beautiful fit between handrail and fittings.

Handrail profiles