Brazillian Cherry Sample

The Wood

Brazilian cherry is a very beautiful reddish brown wood, with an interlocking grain and a golden luster or glow beneath. It is a hard, heavy and very strong wood, having a specific gravity .91. Brazilian cherry steam-bends well, and glues well, although nailing may require pre-drilling. Brazilian Cherry is harder than any of the common domestic species. It finishes well and machines well. It is stable and extremely durable as a stair component. Stair treads are particularly suited for use in Brazilian Cherry because they will last for a long time without signs of wear. Handrail from Brazilian cherry resists dings, dents and scratches and finishes extremely smooth for a very rich stairway design. Fittings in Brazilian Cherry are machined and sanded smooth. has grown to be one of the leading suppliers of Brazilian Cherry fittings. Our stock is growing every day in this hard to get stair part. A hardness rating of 2350 on the Janka scale and a stability rating of .0030 make Brazilian Cherry and excellent choice for a durable and long lasting stairway. See also Santos Mahogany

The Tree

Brazilian cherry is a large canopy tree, sometimes reaching a height of 150 feet in the natural rainforest, with a cylindrical trunk up to 6 feet in diameter and a clear bole of 60 to 80 feet. The tree has a smooth gray bark that exudes a gum sometimes used for medicinal purposes. Brazilian cherry is leguminous, or nitrogen-fixing.

Other Uses

Brazilian cherry is prized for its beauty and used in fine furniture and cabinetry, flooring, parquet, architectural details, highly decorative veneers, joinery and turnery.