Stair Parts in Walnut

Stair Parts in Walnut

Walnut is back in vogue as a stair part.  Walnut has always been one of the most treasured woods for making furniture and fine quality millwork including stair parts.  Walnut has been a classic, but not popular for the past 20 years.  Now it is shifting back into the popular category.

Starbucks stores have jumped on the walnut bandwagon and every store that have been in around the world has been filled with furniture made in walnut.  The dark wood of walnut is a natural complement to the dark coffee in the coffee houses.

Walnut is a great stair part because it requires no stain to have a beautiful finish.  Walnut is one of the easiest woods to cut, shape and sand.  Installers love to work with quality woods like walnut.

The downside to walnut for stair parts is that it is not always available in long lengths and walnut often has lots of knots.  Stair supplies selects the best lumber possible and cuts around the knots, but it can be difficult when customers specify several pieces of handrail over 14 feet long.  Walnut is not as hard as other woods that are made into stair parts, but it will work well as a stair tread.  Walnut is 1010 on the janka scale and red oak is 1290.

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