American Made Primed Balusters

Premium quality American made primed wood balusters are available in nearly any design you desire. The wood underneath these balusters is usually soft maple, but it could be poplar or other woods that paint well. The big feature of the American made primed balusters is that they are able to be customized to fit your exact needs. Every order of wood balusters is made specifically for you and it is primed with several coats of primer with sanding in-between coats. The smooth finish can be installed as is without any extra painting, but we recommend painting the balusters to match the color of your home. The primer on our wood baluster is compatible with all paints. It is recommend that that balusters are cleaned and scuffed with fine sandpaper prior to painting.

  • Victorian Series Primed Balusters

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  • Colonial Series Primed Balusters

    Colonial Series Primed BalustersView Category
  • Marion Series Primed Balusters

    Marion Series Primed BalustersView Category
  • Regency Series Primed Balusters

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  • Modern Series Primed Balusters

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  • Hampton Series Primed Balusters

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  • C-905-2 Dowel Screws

    C-905-2 Dowel ScrewsView Item Dowel Screws are perfect for attaching wood balusters to treads and landings.
  • C-905 Dowel Screw Driver

    C-905 Dowel Screw DriverView Item Necessary tool for driving Dowel Screws.