Our History

In 2001, a customer named Jen was building her dream home in southern Michigan and wanted a beautiful stairway. She could see what she wanted in her mind, but the stair parts she wanted were not available through normal outlets. She wanted unique iron balusters with custom box newels. Len thought he could meet her needs, and StairSuppliesTM was born.

Today, StairSuppliesTM thrives on customizing stairways with iron balusters, the most extensive line of box newels available, a generous selection of handrails and the most beautiful turned newels that you can imagine. While you browse the StairSuppliesTM website, give your imagination freedom and allow our craftsmen to complete your dream.

Our stair specialists focus on building, creating and designing. Our customers understand that they want their home to be a place of beauty and function, and they need help selecting the right mixture of wood species and design to achieve a beautiful stair creation. Our stair specialists fill that gap. Bring your ideas to our stair specialists, and let them help you turn your dreams into reality.

Exceptional Materials

The quality of the product we build is only as good as the raw materials that we use. StairSuppliesTM is fussy about the lumber that arrives in the shop. For exotic wood species, we have partnered with Paxton Lumber, one of the largest suppliers of exotic lumber in the Midwest. Many of the domestic wood species are grown near the shop and are sourced through local sawmills. In every case, we examine the moisture content, grain patterns and color to give the customer a superior product.

In 2012, our team developed a revolutionary cable railing system. It utilizes a hidden fastening system like no other cable railing. This innovation allows you to achieve a sleeker, more streamlined look for your railing system. Contact us to find out more about this exciting development.

Our Founder

After starting StairSuppliesTM ,  Len Morris traded his hammer for computer controlled machinery and industrial power tools. He values precision and patience, and spends most of his time researching new products and designs, as well as monitoring the quality and processes throughout the shop. Len also visits customers to get a picture of their needs and purposes.

Len’s wife, Marci, plays a vital role in day-to-day operations. The Morris children are frequently found in the shop learning about the trade or the little one comes to ask Dad if she can help.

CEO and Lead Stair Specialist

Fernando Sainz has been with StairSuppliesTM since the beginning. Fernando has a strong sense of style and understanding of customer needs. He was appointed CEO in 2010, and continues to improve the processes for customer experience. In addition to designing, Fernando personally selects the lumber that is used for his customers.

Now that you know a little more about our company, picture all the improvements you want to make in your home. Contact us to find out how to make those visions a reality.