Cable Railing

StairSuppliesTM proudly offers Viewrail, top quality Cable Railing Kits and components for interior or exterior cable railing systems. Learn the details in our getting started with cable rail guide for installing cable railing posts, fittings, and stainless steel cable wire. Our easy to use rental program for installing cable rail, as well as our instructional DIY cable railing videos make StairSuppliesTM one of the most cost effective options on the market for installing cable, and stair railing components. The elegance is in our hidden fasteners, which are inside the post, so that your view is preserved and the eye is not distracted. Read More

Cable Railing Components

Our cable railing components are made from Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel, and we have a complete offering of fastening systems for all types of posts and walls including stainless steel, steel, aluminum and all types of wood. The elegance and simplicity of purchasing your stainless steel cable railing through StairSuppliesTM is that we can bring it to you at a much lower cost than you would expect (The same goes for all of our stair parts). We can give custom recommendations for mounting into wood, composites, concrete and other materials. Our cable railing systems are the right solution for remodeling projects and new construction, and StairSuppliesTM can help supply all your cable rail system parts. StairSuppliesTM also offers great instructional DIY cable railing videos so you can learn how to create a material list and design your own beautiful stair creation. Learn to sketch out your cable rail project, understand steel cable post configurations and how to measure and crimp cable railing from our handy DIY video collection.

About Cable Railing

Cable Railing is mainly a series of metal wires horizontally running between rail posts. This system maintains open views and allows superior ventilation as compared to the use of glass. The cable rails create an industrial aesthetic that complements a modern style home. Installers find cable railing the most flexible and easiest solution. When cable railing is utilized in an interior application, it frequently is blended with wooden posts and cable rail handrails, along with stainless steel accents. On the other hand, exterior cable rail systems are most attractively used with composite posts, steel reinforced vinyl posts, aluminum or stainless steel posts. Learn more about cable railing systems.

Viewrail offers the most attractive cable rail fittings at very affordable prices. The fittings are modern fasteners and proportional. These components have been designed to allow tightening using simple cable railing tools for long lasting, fine-tuned precision, that lasts throughout the life of your finished project.

DIY Cable Railing System Videos

Below we’ve listed 12 cable railing DIY videos for how to install cable rail using the required cable rail tools, stainless steel wire and cable railing posts, all available at StairSuppliesTM. We also have a wood deck cable railing DIY page with lots of great information.

Included is this cable railing system installation collection are the following videos:

Level Tension Kit Installation Guide

Angle Tension Kit Installation Guide
KeyMount Kit Installation Guide
Cable Railing Installation Kit
Postside Handrail Bracket Installation Guide
DriveTite Kit Installation Guide
DriveTite Kit Angle Installation Guide
DriveTite Kit Installation Tips
Introduction to Viewrail Cable Rail System
Cable Rail Post Spacing and Cable Deflection
Sketch Your Cable Rail Project
Using Washers and Oval Washers with Wood Posts